1. Evaluation of the IPHT Multi-Crop Dryer

  2. Evaluation of the IPHT Rice Flaking Machine

  3. Manufacture of white ash from paddy husk

  4. Evaluation of different types of rice polishing machines available in Sri Lanka for their milling performance

  5. Modification and performance enhancement of evaporative cooler for preservation of vegetables

  6. Evaluation of different types of rice flour milling machinery for their performance. (CARP funded project)

  7. De-hulling of horse gram seeds (Dolichos biflorus)

  8. Development of a white pepper manufacturing process line

  9. Development of process line for Finger millet flour using existing machinery

  10. Modification of Existing Evaporative Cooling Device for Improvement of its Performance

  11. Performance Evaluation of Different types of Spice Grinding Machinery for producing chili Powder

  12. Techno -economic comparison of methods of upper tank hot water soaking system and ground tank cold soaking in parboiling of paddy

  13. Design and development of an indoor on farm storage structure for rural farmers

  14. Performance evaluation of pepper steam sterilization machine

  15. Development and evaluation of dried black pepper de stoning Machine

  16. Evaluation of abrasive type rice flour milling machine for its performance

  17. Evaluation the suitability of the IPHT multi crop dryer for production of black lime.

  18. Performance evaluation of finger millet de-stoning machine

  19. Development and Evaluation of a Batch type Maize Dryer

  20. Development and evaluation of dried black pepper de stoning Machine

  21. Evaluation of different types of spice grinding machinery for their performance for different types of spice product

  22. Development of an efficient screening unit in the process improvement of rice flour Industry

  23. Hot water soaking in two temperatures to eliminate steaming and to reduce time in paddy Parboiling

  24. Modification of exiting rice noodles process line (IPHT) to reduce the cost of production

  25. On the role of Pre-Gelatinization in the quality improvement of rice flour

  26. Process Development of Goraka (Garcinia gummi-gutta) Powder

  27. Performance evaluation of a screw type oil expeller for extraction of sesame oil

  28. Evaluation of an efficient extraction process for Mee oil

  29. Evaluation of big onion bulbs size grading machine

  30. Evaluation of medium scale IPHT maize thresher

  31. The role of pre-gelatinization for the quality improvement of rice flour

Food Process Engineering
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