1. Design and development of a medium scale power driven maize sheller

  2. Design and development of a brush type pulping machine for extraction of tamarind fruit pulp.

  3. Design , Construction and Operational Aspects of Paddy husk fired furnaces for drying and Entomological Activities

  4. Design and development of a low cost in-store curing structure for big Onion.

  5. Development of solar assisted paddy husk fuelled dryer for dehydration of fruits, vegetable and spice crops (CARP funded project)

  6. Design and development of a small /medium scale rice flaking machinery for manufacture of rice flakes

  7. Design and Development of a Small/ Medium Scale Multi Crop Grading System

  8. Design and development of medium scale parboiling vessel for rural level producers to increase the parboilin

  9. Design and Development of Weaning Food Processing Equipment for use at Institutional level.g capacity

  10. Development of medium scale waste water treatment plant for parboiled rice

  11. Improvement of an existing post harvest practices of big onion to improve the product quality and modification of IPHT big onion in-storage and curing structure to increase storage life of big onion

  12. Introduction of a mobile fruits and vegetables stall for retail sell

  13. Design and development of a small scale paddy dryer

  14. Development and Testing of pedal-cum-motor operated paddy cleaner

  15. Design and development of a low cost grain flour blending equipment

  16. Design and development of rasp bar mill for size reduction of Maize

  17. Development of a Mango Dicer for Agro-process Units in India

  18. Design and development of an energy efficient vibrated flour sifter for the rice flour Industry

  19. Design and development of finger millet de-stoning machine

  20. Mechanization of chaff removing in paddy soaking.

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Design of Postharvest Machinery