1. Quality perceptions of parboiled rice marketed in Sri Lanka

  2. Preservation of vegetable by fermentation

  3. Development of a methodology to manufacture value added products from mango (Mangifera indica L.)

  4. Hydrothermal treatment of paddy to increase head rice yield, while retaining palatability characteristics of non-parboiled rice.

  5. Effect of grain physical properties on milling of recently recommended rice varieties in Sri Lanka.

  6. Development of a method for production of osmotically dehydrated mango using underutilized varieties

  7. Development of low sugar bael jam with pectin and gelatin.

  8. Production of different preserved mushroom based foods

  9. Formulation and popularization of nutritionally superior biscuits using malted green gram as a major source of protein.

  10. Production of minimally processed fruit chunk of mango, pineapple and papaya

  11. Process optimization for dehydrated brinjal (Solonum melogena) to improve sensory and keeping quality

  12. Extraction of pectin form Nut – Meg rinds.

  13. Development of a methodology for preparation of cakes and snacks from rice flour

  14. Physical properties, milling, cooking, eating and nutritive qualities of some recently recommended popular rice (Oryza sativa) varieties in Sri Lanka.

  15. Chemiluminescence ELISA for the detection of Oxidative DNA base damage using Anti-8- hydroxy-2-deoxyguanosine Antibody: Application to the detection of irradiated foods

  16. Development of a methodology for production of dehydrated tomato powder

  17. Development of appropriate methods for preservation of pulp extracted from tamarind, woodapple and papaya.

  18. Effect of variety and degree of bran removal on the quality of rice flour and rice flour based products

  19. Development of a methodology for production of rice based instant soup cube and testing of the acceptability and storability of the product

  20. Development of novel products of pumpkin

  21. Evaluation of the particle size of rice flour to improve the quality of the rice flour based Products

  22. Development of an instant soup mixture

  23. Development of an instant “Mung-Kiribath” mix

  24. Development of an instant wholesome rice meal

  25. Development of dehydrated raw mango (Mangifera Indica) powder

  26. Development of flaked rice based products

  27. Development of nutritious roti mix

  28. Development of Tomato powder based instant soup mixture and evaluation of the acceptability of the product.

  29. Ready to serve (RTS) beverage from Dragon Fruit(Hylocereus undatus)

  30. Development of a methodology for production of fruit vinegar using fruit wastes

  31. Development of Ready to serve drink using Dragon fruit

  32. Development of rice based frozen desserts (rice ice-cream)

  33. Evaluation of physical, Milling, Cooking, Eating & Nutritive Qualities of some recently recommended & traditional rice verities in Sri Lanka

  34. Characterization of antioxidant properties of selected medicinal plants available in Sri Lanka and development of ready to use rice based herbal foods

  35. Formulation of nutritionally superior and low cost cereal based soup mix powder using sprouted green gram and soya as major sources of protein

  36. Development of rice based novel snacks

  37. Development and quality evaluation of instant rice noodles (cup noodle)

  38. Development of a rice flour based deep fried cracker and evaluation of its storability

  39. Development of dehydrated murunga leaves fortified nutri-mix

  40. Development of murunga leaves (Moringa oleifera) based bread spread


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