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A training workshop was conducted for stakeholders of beans supply chain by the Institute of Postharvest Technology on 03rd June, 2016 at In-service Training Centre, Gannoruwa. This programme was carried out under the project on ‘Reduction of postharvest losses of horticultural crops in SAARC countries’ which is funded by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and coordinates by the Ministry of Agriculture.
Stakeholders of beans supply chains from Welimada and Naula regions participated for the workshop and postharvest technologies that can be applied for beans supply chain and results on baseline survey on present status of beans supply chain in Sri Lanka were discussed in this event.

Dr. D.B.T. Wijerathne (FAO). Mr. P.N.N. Jayanetti (Deputy Director, Project Division, Ministry of Agriculture), Dr. K.H. Sarananda (Head, Food Research Unit, Department of Agriculture) and officers of IPHT who are engaging for this project participated to the workshop.

Sensitization workshop of beans

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