Dr. Nilanthi Wijewardane won a Merit award for Development of Edible Coating for Shelf Life Extension of fruits

This wax (fruit coating) has been prepared to extend the shelf life of fruits by retarding metabolic activities that may be caused for deterioration of fruits. By applying this wax on fruits the removal of water and gas exchange can be controlled to produce high quality fruits that could be preserved for long period.

Eng. Mahesh Dissanayake won the Second place in Engineering for Dried pepper steam sterilization machine & Merit award for Continuous Paddy Cooker

Steam Sterilization Machine for Dried Pepper

This invention relates to a new machine for production of high quality dried pepper.  More particularly, the invention relates to sterilization machine, which can be used to sterilize the dried pepper by steam. This machine is very useful for spice processing industries specially for exporters.

Continuous Paddy Steamer

This invention relates to a new machine for continuously steaming of soaked paddy for the production of high quality parboiled rice.  More particularly, the invention relates to continuous paddy steamer, which can be used to steam soaked paddy (high moisture paddy) until reach gelatinization status by high pressure steam.

Mr. Mahesh Dissanayake, Senior Mechanical Engineer and  Dr. Nilanthi Wijewardane, Senior Research Officer at the Institute of Post Harvest technology won President’s Awards for their inventions in the year 2014, chaired by the His Excellency the President and the Hon. Minister of Science, Technology and Research, held on 05th February 2016 at the Presidential Secretariat Office, Colombo.

Presidential award 2016
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