01. Post harvest technology of grains – Two days

02. Post harvest technology of grains – Three days

03. Medium and large scale rice and other grain processing

04. Small and medium scale rice processing

05. Rural level rice processing

06. Quality control of grains

07. Grain storage

08. Manufacture of rice based bakery products

09. Manufacture of rice and other grain flour

10. Dehulling of pulses

11. Manufacture of weaning food

12. Post harvest technology of fruits and vegetables

13. Manufacture of fruit and vegetable based products

14. Manufacture of jam

15. Manufacture of cordial and ready to serve drinks (RTS)

16. Dehydration and fermentation of fruits and vegetables

17. Tamarind and lime based products

18. Lime based products

19. Tamarind based products

20. Postharvest technology of sesame

Training Programs Conducted by the IPHT
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