The objective of the project is to introduce identified appropriate agro-processing industries to the small / medium entrepreneurs, farmers and unemployed youth in the project area in order to increase their income levels through value addition to their produce.

Project activities

The proposed project will cover the area in which the grain growing areas and spice processing. Project activities will include the following.

a)  Identification of prospective small/medium entrepreneurs.

b) Training of identified entrepreneurs in grain/spice processing technologies, production  management and marketing.
c)   Assisting in preparation of feasibility reports.

d)  Provision of 50% of the investment for initiation of agro industries to the entrepreneurs by the project as a non recoverable incentive and providing assistance to the entrepreneurs in machinery selection, installation and commissioning (Limited facilities)

Food grains other than paddy that are of economic importance in Sri Lanka would fall into 3 categories of cereals, pulses and oil seeds. Cereals are similar to rice in their utilization; pulses are leguminous food grains that have high protein content. The commonest form in which pulses are utilized in Sri Lanka is in the form of dhal i.e is bare unbroken cotyledons of seed; with the husk removed in the form of flour. This technology is to be transferred and the processing of spice in Sri Lanka is becoming vitally important and demand for spiced products. The different variety of spices is used to produce many food items and there is a good export market to send local process and non processed spices to the many countries. Then of course it is very important to produce quality spice in good taste, odor, color and proper preservative condition that may lead to popularize the spice processing market among the small, medium and large entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka to win the export market as well as the local market as income generating business.

The objectives of this project are to disseminate improved grain and spice processing facilities within the project area to increase target group house hold income levels and medium level entrepreneurs.  The technologies that were selected for dissemination at first stage are splitting and grinding of grain and spices.   Therefore, production of high quality grain products such as black gram, green gram and spice products such as chili powder, curry powder etc. may be the viable self employment micro-enterprise among the rural sector.

Initiation of agro- processing-enterprises (grain and spice) at rural level
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