What can be produce?

How much can be earn?


Recently the cost of production of paddy has increased, limiting the profits gained through paddy cultivation. The prevailing method in the country is that the farmer sells unprocessed paddy to a middleman and then this paddy will be processed into rice in a mill of the same area or in another area and be sold in the market. Therefore, in between the farmer and the consumer there are many middlemen involved. As a result, price of rice increases while the price paddy reduces. This will leads to low income of farmers.

But, if farmer can process paddy into rice and sell rice in the market instead of paddy, he can earn the profit for himself, which is scattered among the middlemen. Thus, this will definitely support to increase their living standards. As the rice processing technology introduced here is so simple, even farm women can easily adopt this technology and initiate a profitable and a very successful business enterprise.

Establishment of Rice Processing Families
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