Research page

The research activities of the Institute, directed towards solving technological problems confronting the postharvest industry, include both fundamental and applied demand driven research, although the latter predominates in the research efforts.

The institute also undertakes problem solving research assignments on fee-levying basis to find solutions to problems in technology faced by existing industries in technology adoption

The IPHT promotes collaborative research with other National institutes and Universities in Sri Lanka. The institute provides its facilities to the undergraduates and post graduate students of Universities to conduct their research projects in the fields of Agriculture engineering and food/post harvest technology under the supervision of IPHT staff.

The IPHT has a team of dynamic, enthusiastic and innovative scientists comprise of food technologist, post harvest technologists, Agriculturists, chemists, Microbiologists and mechanical/ process engineers, qualified technical staff, and material resources and modern analytical facilities to support its research development. The Research Programmes take an integrated approach through three research Divisions. The research findings are widely adopted by the postharvest sector and provide income generating opportunities for small and medium industries in SL and are also transferred to industry partners for larger commercial operations.

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