This Division in collaboration with other division of the institute will be responsible for effective technology transfer to personnel engaged in postharvest activities through residential training, field extension activities such as field training and demonstrations, field days, radio and TV broadcasts, News Paper articles etc.

The identified target groups would be farmers, farmers companies, Private sector personnel, traders, rice milers, grain processors, extension workers engaged in postharvest operations and students from educational institutions.

The Division works closely with the Department of Agriculture, Department of Agrarian services, Food Research Unit of the DOA, the Department of Export Agriculture, the Rice Research and Development Institute of the DOA, Mahaweli Authority, Samurdhi Authority, the HKARTI and the Faculties of Agriculture of the Universities, PGIA and research institutions such as the NERD Centre, ITI etc. and other governmental and non-governmental organizations to identify the appropriate postharvest technologies for dissemination.

The Division prepares the necessary extension material such as leaflets, handouts, and bulletins etc that are harvest technologies for dissemination.

In addition, the Technology transfer Division, in collaboration with the other divisions of the institute, provides continuous advisory service for entrepreneurs to initiate income – generating agro processing enterprises and postharvest loss prevention techniques.

Also, in order to facilitate the generation of credit for initiation of agro processing enterprises and adoption of post harvest loss prevention techniques for the identified target groups, assistance will be provided to prepare feasibility / project reports required by the lending agencies.

Technical assistance is provided in installation and operation of postharvest loss prevention and agro processing technologies.


Technology transfer Division
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