Multi Crop Dryer

Dehydrators presently used in the industry which utilize fans for air circulation and electric or gas heaters for heating of drying air are expensive and hence cannot be adopted by the rural farming sector. The IPHT Multi Crop dryer was developed to overcome this problem. It is a low cost dryer which could be fabricated from material available at farm level. It uses paddy husk for heat generation and does not require any fans for air circulation.

The multi crop dryer was designed for chillies to overcome the problems encountered in sun drying such as quality deterioration, high labour requirement, requirement of prolong drying period, and damage of pods due to mould growth during cloudy and rainy weather conditions.

Now the dryer has been successfully tested for dehydration of a variety of crops such as carrot, leaks, bitter gourd, egg plant, jak, banana, green leaves, curri leaves and spices.


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