Jaffna Field Centre
Agriculture Extension, Applied Economics and Business Management
Specialized fields :
0776110047, npsomakanthan@gmail.com

BSc in Agricultural Technology and Management, Reading MSc in Agricultural Economics

Extension Officer
Mr. Narayanasamy Somakanthan

N.Somakanthan and Thiruchelvam, S  “ Improving homestead agro forest system in Vavuniya district” Proceedings of the International Forestry and Environment Symposium 2010 of the Department of Forestry and Environmental Symposium 2010, University of Sri Jayewardena pura, Sri Lanka pp 11. pp 123 -126 (Extended Abstract),

Thiruchelvam, S, A.M.B. Athula Priyantha and N.Somakanthan (2011) “Economic and environmental sustainability of using dendro-energy in organic tea industry in Sri Lanka". IUFRO Symposium 10 – 14 February 2010, Punchap Agricultural University, Ludhiana -141 004 INDIA pp. 128 (Abstract)