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Institute of Post Harvest Technology
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The Institute of Post Harvest Technology (IPHT), operating under the Ministry of Agriculture, functions as the main Institution in Sri Lanka engaged in improving the Post Harvest Technology of rice/other grains, field crops, fruits and vegetables, Spices through research, training & extension, consultancy, advisory and other development activities such as providing & creating opportunities for rural sector.

About Us
Technology transfer

VISION - To be the centre of excellence in research and development in the field of post harvest technology

MISSION - To enhance competitiveness of the agribusiness sector through development, dissemination and commercialization of improved and appropriate post harvest technologies among the relevent and interest parties.

Introduction of Plastic crates to transport fruits & vegetables
Establishment of Rice Processing Families
Improvement of Rice milling industry
Last update: 16/07/2014 CRG/IPHT

Initiation of agro- processing-enterprises (grain and spice) at rural level

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Field Centers
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